The Nano Of Lifts

Basica are the basic lifts from Johnson considering innovation that creates a lowest price point without any compromise on any safety features or standards. Basica lifts are tailor-made for large-scale affordable housing projects. With Basica, Johnson aims at designing high quality lifts, with the best features possible at a never-before cost. Basica also comes with varied exceptional features including auto-doors, infra-red door safety screen, with attractive interior color schemes. With Basica, you can also opt for an automatic rescue device.
Get to know special advantages of Basica


Color Schemes

Comes with three attractive color schemes

Car Doors

Available as sliding, collapsible, swing and folding shutters


High quality wall panels, with matching shade ceiling & flooring


Lifts with/without diverter wheels


Johnson Basica

At Johnson, we manufacture High Speed,
Energy Efficient, Green, BMS/RMS Compatible, Aesthetically rich and durable lifts and escalators.
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What’s inside in it?


What’s more with Basica?



JLLP 03 (Optional)

Measurements and Dimensions
Basica The Nano In Elevators
Special Feature Energy saving VVVF controller.
Optional Feature Automatic Rescue Device during power interruptions.Overload indicator.
Type Passenger
Speed 0.66 mtr/sec 1.00 mtr/sec
Number of floors Low rise(5 floors max.) Medium rise(10 floors max.)
Control Down collective/Simplex SCL Full collective
Capacity 6 & 8 Passengers
Drive Microprocessor-based VVVF
Car / Floor Pre-coated Steel enclosure / PVC floor
Car Doors Pre-coated Steel Centre Opening Power-operated doors
Landing Doors Pre-coated Steel Centre Opening Power-operated doors
Power Supply AC 400/440 volts, 3 phase, 50 cycles
Other attractive features Direction & position indicator in car & landings.
Emergency light and alarm bell. Provision for intercom.
Call register signal and VF door operator. Slim false ceiling with light & fan.
Infra red door screen. Stainless steel handrail at rear.
Basica standard car sizes
Passengers Lifewell Size mm Car Size mm Clear opening mm
8 1750 * 1750 1300 * 1100 800 * 2000
6 1550 * 1575 1100 * 1000 700 * 2000
Minimum headroom height : 3800 mm Minimum lift pit depth : 1250 mm Machine room height : 2000 mm